Trading Weeks 4/26-5/7 Biggest Gain Followed by Biggest Loss

Monday, I started the day using my screener and watching some of the biggest % gainers but made no moves. Focused on growing the knowledge account 

On the following day, Tuesday, I was focused on watching moves made by $RETC and $PJET. 

$RETC had a huge spike the previous day around 9:45, and it spiked again between 3 and 4 pm. I planned to go for a morning spike play. 

The breakout seemed to be the only news at the time, so I knew to play it safe and not buy right out the gate after the spikes the day before. 

Sure enough, it was down-trending by 20% in the first few minutes of the market open. 

$RECT April 27

I then shifted my focus to $PJET, which was jumping between a 70% and 90% gain on the day. 

A steep decline formed shortly after, followed by a gradual, steady climb back up. A pattern I’ve seen work out many times before, but I was just too nervous. 

Sykes purchased around 9:45 and got out by 9:52, stating he “won’t be aggressive as it has failed too many times to hold early gains.” 

It ended up having a nice little jump around 10:30, followed by a steady downtrend, then a nice cup, followed by another downtrend. 

I was very frustrated with myself for not pulling the trigger when I saw the steady climb because over those 45 mins; I could have made a 40% profit. 

$PJET April 27


My best trade to date, in at 0.149 and out at 0.2751 for an 84% gain. Verified trade on 

I started watching $BPSR around 11 when it popped up on my screener with a 70% gain on the day.

When checking for a catalyst, I noticed they just announced positive results of a Covid-19 patient trial in India with Trial Expansion. 

The ticker was at a steady climb for a while. I watched it climb up to a 230% gain on the day. 

$BPSR Chart April 28

After kicking myself for being too nervous and not making any moves, I finally decided to jump in with a plan to make a 10-20% gain with the pattern I had seen all day. 

To my surprise, shortly after my execution, $BPSR started to take off, jumping more than 110% in 30 minutes. 

After the 4th red candle on the minute chart, I sold all of my shares for my biggest profit to date. Had I held to the afternoon, I could have made an even bigger profit, but I was extremely happy. 

$BPSR Chart April 28


In at 0.0275 on 4/29 out at 0.018 for a 34% loss. Verified on

My best trade was quickly followed by my worst trade the next day. 

On 4/29, I was so eager to trade the next biggest % gainer that I threw all my rules out of the window. 

I had been watching $EXLA most of the day when I decided to make an entry with around $400. 

Moments before I was about to pull the trigger, I had to take a phone call from a family member that I could not miss. I waited to make my entry because I did not want to be distracted. 

Phone Ringing GIF by X&XYZ - Find & Share on GIPHY


When I returned from my phone call, my limit order had jumped $160, which let me know I had missed a decent opportunity for a quick gain. 

After adjusting my position size, I just pulled the trigger, knowing better.

For whatever reason, I was super eager to trade. That should have been enough to tell me to walk away.

My goal was to profit 10-20% or get out when I lost around $40. 

The following 10 minutes resulted in a gradual increase to an NHOD. I should have just gotten out then, but I convinced myself I wanted another 5-10%. 

Moments later, it started to downtrend, and I was in denial.  

Over the next hour, I watched my P/L go from the mid $20’s down to $-94.50. 

An opportunity came where I could have gotten out at my original mental stop loss, but I again somehow convinced myself to stay in. 

National Roller Coaster Day GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

As the market close approached, I told myself I would recover during a morning spike the following day. 

Before the open, there was already an order queued up to sell 10000 shares. I sold my shares as quickly as I could with a 34% loss. 

Many times, when you think you are acting greedy, you are. If the chart is not doing what you want, take that low % gain or loss and get out before it becomes a significant loss. 

Tim Sykes has a great video below with the three key indicators he uses to know when to cut losses quickly. 

On the following Monday, I was too slow to catch the good opportunities I saw. So, again, I just worked on the knowledge account. 

During the open, my scanner showed $TGGI was up 50% right out the gate. I watched it quickly climb another 50%+ before starting to down-trending in the first 5 mins. 

In Tim’s Alerts chat on, someone (I should have written it down to give credit) in the chat mentioned that the WSB Reddit was pumping $HCMC that day. 

When you check the chart from that day, it’s a very obvious pump and dump that ended just as quickly as it started. 

HCMC Pump and Dump


Degenerate trade that worked out. In on 5/4 at 0.0095 out on 5/6 at 0.0126 for a 32% gain. 

On Tuesday, 5/4, I saw an alert in the BreakingNews Chat on STT about a George Sharp tweet essentially confirming that $RETC would be moving with $GVSI 

I was just too hesitant and ended up finally making an entry only to find it was at the top. I started watching $GVSI, and it looked like it was starting to trend back up. 

However, I ran out of time and had to go to work. I was hoping that more people would see the tweet later that day and make a purchase the next morning. 

$RETC May 4

The next day, it was down-trending but not enough for me to worry. I was waiting on news about a rumor that GS would be taking custodianship on the ticker. 

I was also a little numb from my loss with $EXLA and still had room to lose from my $BPSR gains. 

Truthfully, not a risk that I would take again. I would still feel the same if I had made a 1000% gain. 

Finally, that evening after the market had already been closed. GS tweeting about being granted custodianship. 

With that news, Twitter was on fire about $RETC, with many speculating huge gains the next morning. I slept well that night. 

On the morning of 5/6, the ticker had a significant spike right out the gate. Had I not let greed get the best of me, I could have beat my best trade from the week before. 

After it started to downtrend and did not look like it would be spiking again anytime soon, I got out with a 32% gain. 

Overall, I was pleased with how it turned out but, upset I let greed get the best of me again, and I missed out on gains. Funny how that works. 

$RETC Entry and Exit


In the middle of my trade with $RETC, I made a paper trade on 5/5 to help boost my confidence and work on discipline with the ticker $ISNS

Entry at $9.00 and out at $10.04 for an 11% gain. Verified trade on

While in the SmallCapRockets chat room on STT, I was alerted to a good entry for the ticker $ISNS. 

It was considered a good entry point because it had spiked in the morning, held the morning spike, then approached the morning high before proceeding to breakout. 

$ISNS May 5

Truly amazing in-the-moment advice. If you have STT, I highly recommend getting the SmallCapRockets add-on. 

Matthew Monaco, John Papa, and Tim Bohen are the main moderators and want to help you become a better trader. 


Some solid trades and some not so solid trades. Great two weeks of learning! 

$BPSR: My best trade to date, in at 0.149 and out at 0.2751 for an 84% gain.

$EXLA: My worst trade to date, in at 0.0275 on 4/29 out at 0.018 for a 34% loss.

$RETC: Lucky recovery, in on 5/4 at 0.0095 out on 5/6 at 0.0126 for a 32% gain. 

Watched but made not moves: $PJET, $TGGI, $HCMC, and many others mentioned on Twitter. 

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