Trading Week of March 18-19/2021

This week went by fast! I only made one trade this week, and I only watched the market longer than 15 mins 3/5 days this week. My morning hours at my regular job have thankfully picked up, but that also means I’ll have fewer opportunities to trade in the morning/early afternoon and some full days altogether. That just means I’ll have more time in the aftermarket to study and prepare for the days when I do not go in to work until noonish. 

IMTL: On 3/15, about ten to fifteen minutes before 10am EST, I watched the ticker dip down to the mid .0090’s, but I was too nervous about pulling the trigger and missed my opportunity before it started to climb again. There were more opportunities to trade this over the next couple of hours that day, but I had to work, so I was unable to participate. I do not mind when this happens because I am still very new to trading, so my lack of time keeps me from over-trading and will force me to wait for the pattern to come to me. 

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