One of the keys to successful trading is keeping a trading journal. 

The moment I started using one, my trading transformed, resulting in one of my best trading months. 

When I first started trading and noticed all the top traders kept a trading journal, I knew that I needed one too if I wanted to be successful. 

The process of creating one is a daunting task. As a new trader, it isn’t easy to know where to start and what formulas you will need. 

Thankfully, a trader briefly shared a downloadable example of theirs online after a big loss. 

Before it was taken down, I was able to grab it and spend some time fixing the formulas that did not transfer properly and adding a few other statistics I wanted. 

I created a downloadable version that I would like to share with you, and all that I ask is you subscribe to my blog. 

As soon as you subscribe below, you will immediately receive a thank you email containing the link to the starter trading journal for long trades. 


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