Welcome to Hemerodrome’s Pennies blog! 

I believe in being fully transparent about my journey through the stock market. The good, the bad, and the ugly, all on the table. 

The purpose is not to brag about my success. At the time of writing this, my percent of trades that result in a gain is only 20%, and my account is worth a little less than -$50. The purpose is to share what I learn through my own research, webinars, trader communities, and last but not least, every single trade

Documenting my watchlists, my trades, reasons why behind those trades, and general market notes, will not only keep me accountable but will hopefully aid in your journey and help you avoid making my mistakes. 

This blog is not financial advice. You should never follow any trader’s watchlists, alerts, or trades.




Hi there, thank you so much for your interest in my journey!

I go by the name Hemerodrome and I make penny stock trades fueled by gig economy deliveries. 

Why am I making deliveries? Well, where I live is expensive and my day job only just pays the bills. By making deliveries part-time, I can afford to fund my broker accounts, my education, and trading software. 

Turns out it takes money to make money. 

I am currently enrolling in courses by Timothy Sykes and using the trading software Stockstotrade with the BreakingNews feature. 

If you’re interested in trading penny stocks or fueling your passion with gig economy deliveries please check out my journey and subscribe to be a part of the marathon ahead. 




Verified Trades

If you would like to see the trading community I am a part of and/or you want to see my stats, verified trades, as well as entry and exit thoughts on tickers, please check out my account on profit.ly. You may have to create free account for access so I’ve embedded my 20 most recent trades below along with a profit graph. 

I also have a paper trading account. Check out the chart below to see my most recent paper trades.  


If you would like to read my daily thoughts on the market and/or delivery comments please give my Twitter a follow by clicking the button below. Feel free to send me a direct message if you have any questions or would simply like to connect.