Back to a Solid Schedule: How May Wrapped Up and How June is Going

TRCH Entry and Exit Chart 6.15 and 16


Man o’ man, where has the time gone!? It’s been about a month since I made my last post. 

To those of you that were expecting a weekly trading blog but stuck around during my gap, thank you so much! 

My schedule got a little crazy for a few weeks due to summer being here, but I’ve managed to get my schedule changed to guarantee me a couple of hours in the morning to trade on Monday and Friday. 

Of course, if I have any gaps in my day, I will try to get in front of some charts. If I can’t actively watch the market, I’ll grow the knowledge account through books and videos. 

Alright, let’s jump into how I wrapped up in May 2021. 

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Trading Weeks 4/26-5/7 Biggest Gain Followed by Biggest Loss

$BPSR Chart April 28

Monday, I started the day using my screener and watching some of the biggest % gainers but made no moves. Focused on growing the knowledge account 

On the following day, Tuesday, I was focused on watching moves made by $RETC and $PJET. 

$RETC had a huge spike the previous day around 9:45, and it spiked again between 3 and 4 pm. I planned to go for a morning spike play. 

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Trading Week of April 4-9/2021

My goal for this week was to break into paper trading to increase my confidence with trades and learn by making mistakes, which for me, is the best way to learn. 

The first two days of the week, I had a full schedule at my day job, so I could not participate in any trades or chart watching. 


$AZFL Entrance and Exit

The first paper trade that I made this week was with the ticker $AZFL. On April 7th, the stock climbed from 0.0062 at the open to 0.0073 in about 10 minutes. 

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Paper Trading? But, I Want That Money NOW

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent years watching opportunities in various markets pass you by because you didn’t have the money to make money. 

You may have also decided that this year, it won’t happen again. So this time, when you heard the hype, you didn’t just listen to it happen. You decided to do something about it and tried to catch the wave only to find you made a mistake and quickly went into the red. 

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